Drivers and subway riders weigh in on MTA, DOT ‘Congestion Pricing’ proposal

Commuters are getting a chance to weigh in on a proposal that would have them pay tolls to enter Manhattan. 
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Department of Transportation are looking at a new proposal they say would improve the public transportation system and reduce congestion. 
Drivers and subway drivers weighed in on the “Congestion Pricing” proposal at the first of a series of public meetings about the potential new toll. 
Drivers would be charged once a day to enter Manhattan at or below 60th Street.
The MTA and the DOT say the toll would cut down on traffic and congestion in the city’s busy central business district zone. 
They also say the money from the toll would go toward improvements within the transit system such as fixing elevators, without increasing fare prices. 
The price of the toll has not been decided, but officials say it could range from $9 on the lower end to $23 on the higher-end subway riders say they want to see improvements within the subway system--but aren’t sure if now is the best time to start adding tolls or other fares. 
In the coming weeks, the MTA and the DOT will be hosting additional meetings where community members can discuss the new proposal.