Dutchess County assemblyman's children go maskless to school - and were allowed to stay

An assemblyman from Dutchess County sent his kids to school Tuesday without masks -- and they were not sent home.
Assemblyman Kieran Lalor and his wife sent their four kids to school Tuesday with a note.
he note said that masks pose a health risk to their children "especially in the hot weather, hurt their ability to learn, and violate their rights."
"She showed him the note. The principal called me. 'You're saying there's a health issue as to why she cannot wear the mask?' I said, 'Yes, she cannot wear the mask for health and education reasons.' He said, 'OK, no problem,' and sent her on her way," says Lalor.

No child was sent home from their respective schools within the Wappingers Central School District.

"We're rule-followers. We're old school. But this is important to stand up for yourself on an important issue. So that was a little nerve-wracking because you're so used to doing everything for your kid. But now they had to step into the ring by themselves," says Lalor.

Westchester parents in the Mount Pleasant School District also want the state to leave the decision up to them and the school district - especially with the weather.
It comes after students weren't required to wear masks Monday by the district, which reversed its decision Tuesday.
Some parents News 12 spoke to say they're planning to attend a rally to unmask students at 6 p.m. Wednesday outside the Putnam County Courthouse.