East End businesses prepare for busy fall weekend

It’s one of the last weekends before Halloween so pumpkin patches are likely to be packed out east.
People who live in places like Jamesport are thrilled that businesses in the area are doing well, but the success also brings crowded roads to the area.
North Fork resident George Lojko says those who want to take part in fall activities will have to give themselves a lot of time to get where they’re going.
He says his neighborhood is usually full of quiet roads that turn into parking lots on autumn weekends.
“The main road, Sound Avenue, Peconic Bay Boulevard. Packed,” Lojko says.
The problem has persisted in the area for years driven by a high demand for pumpkin picking, corn mazes and other family friendly fun in the areas.
John Conigliaro at Stakey’s Pumpkin Farm in Aquebogue says customers come from all over Long Island and parts of New York City.
He says anyone planning a trip this weekend needs to head out early.
“You want to beat the traffic, try to get here,” Conigliaro says. “There will be a line at the front door by 9, there will be cars lined up. It’s best to get here before noon.”
Despite the traffic on the roads, many East End residents say it’s worth the hassle if it brings success to local businesses.
“It’s the nature of the beast,” says Jamesport resident Todd Brewer. “It’s beautiful here, there’s great orchards, there’s the wineries so you’re not going to stop people from coming.”