Elmsford animal rescue, pizza place offer gift cards for puppy adoptions

An Elmsford animal rescue teamed up with a local pizza place to give gift cards for anyone who adopted their dogs. 
Anyone who adopts one of the puppies known as "The Toppings" at Paws Crossed Animal Rescue will receive a $15 gift card for Dom's Pizza and Pasta in Elmsford.
The puppies are all named after pizza toppings, including Pineapple, Anchovy and Meatball.
Credit: Paws Crossed Animal Rescue
Rescuers say the dogs came from North Carolina, where all nine were jammed into a single crate and left alone in a summer heat wave for days without food and water. 
 “A lot of southern shelters are overwhelmed and they're faced with the tough decision of having to euthanize and there's a bit of a different mindset when it comes to pet ownership and there are many, many more orphaned pets than we have up north,” says Jennifer Angellucci, the president and CEO of Paws Crossed Animal Rescue. 
If you are interested in adopting, click here. There are only two of the “pizza topping” puppies left, but the shelter has many other animals in need of good homes.  
Credit: Paws Crossed Animal Rescue