Entering the holiday season, restaurant owners have concerns about their businesses

“We've lost thousands of businesses throughout the five boroughs so many are still really struggling,” says Rigie. “We're still more than 100,000 jobs short in our city’s restaurants and bars, compared to pre-pandemic levels.”

News 12 Staff

Dec 3, 2021, 1:42 PM

Updated 952 days ago


The holiday season is in full swing and typically restaurants are busy.  
Andrew Rigie, director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, says a worker shortage for restaurants is a concern. 
“We've lost thousands of businesses throughout the five boroughs so many are still really struggling,” says Rigie. “We're still more than 100,000 jobs short in our city’s restaurants and bars, compared to pre-pandemic levels.” 
Workers moving or finding better paying jobs have led to the worker shortage.  
It is not the only issue restaurants are facing. Dropping temperatures are not helping. Restaurant owners must accommodate unvaccinated diners with outdoor dining.  
In 2020, the city released guidance for outdoor dining allowing restaurants to use heating elements. However, without permission this year, some customers could be left out in the cold, leaving businesses without the extra business. 
“Without being able to keep them warm with propane hearers, you're losing that business,” says Rigie. 
Supply chain issues have created an increase in pricing for things restaurants need. Now those owners are looking to the government for help. 
Despite the issues, restaurant owners are hopeful the holiday season will bring in more tourists and more business. They want the city to help educate and train restaurant owners without resorting to fines. 

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