Equality for Flatbush starts emergency fund to help people in need amid coronavirus pandemic

The organization Equality for Flatbush is looking to "flatten the curve" by creating a fund to help people in need amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Equality for Flatbush launched a Brooklyn Shows Love fund for workers who have lost their income or people needing financial assistance.
Organizers say $150 payments will be given out to different members of the community.
So far, the organization has raised $5,000 for the fund with the goal of raising $30,000.
In order to receive the money, people are asked to fill out information on the organization's website and the money will be sent either electronically or by check.
Organizers are asking people to be as honest as possible when requesting the money, as they want it to go to those in need.
The fund will start going out as early as next week, and organizers say they hope to continue the initiative for as long as possible.