EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Group attacks man with hammer after argument on Brooklyn bus, police say

Exclusive video released to News 12 shows the moment a group attacked a man with a hammer in Brooklyn on Monday.
According to police, the ambush attack happened near the corner of Albany Avenue and Glenwood Road. The video appears to show a group of people getting into an argument with a 67-year-old man when police say that group attacked him with a hammer.
Police say the fight may have started on a bus around 2 p.m. Monday. When the bus stopped and the fight spilled out into the street, that's when the group is seen lunging at the victim and some punching him in the head.
As the victim trips over the bike chained to the pole, one of them pulls out what looks like a hammer and hits him in the head causing lacerations, according to police.
After one last kick to the back, the attackers, who look to be a group of young men, run away.
Police tell News 12 no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing. A source at the MTA says they have no further information at this time.