Expert provides tips on safety checks, pruning around power lines ahead of storms

A storm approaching the tri-state area this weekend is expected to bring strong wind gusts that could cause property damage and power outages.
Experts say it's worth walking around your property and closely inspecting anything that could topple onto power lines or your home.
The Davey Tree Expert Company, which has locations in Westchester, says the winter is a busy time for them. But they say they get even more calls leading up to a storm from people looking for a last-minute safety check and pruning.
One arborist says things like thinning out branches and checking if trees are decaying can save you from a lot of damage.
"Thinning out the canopy, thinning out some branches, some interior, some lateral branches so the tree is not like a parachute in the wind," says Couri Leuschner, an arborist at The Davey Tree Expert Company,
Tree removal experts say you should never try and cut down any branches that are close to or touching a live power line - always call your local utility company and let them check it out.