Experts highlight importance of properly storing cannabis in homes with kids

Pediatricians are warning adults to properly store cannabis and know the warning signs of exposure in young children following the legalization of marijuana in New York.
The American Academy of Pediatrics published a report in January showing that from 2017 to 2021, for kids under the age of 6, there has been a greater than 1,000% increase in children being exposed to edible cannabis.
Experts found most of the cases where children accidentally consumed marijuana were inside their homes.
Alexandra Van Oyen is a pediatric emergency medicine fellow at NYU Langone Health. She says she’s seen a number of hospitalizations in children who've been exposed to edible cannabis.
“Some of the symptoms of consumption of edible cannabis your child may not be acting correctly. They may be sleepy, slur speech, and maybe even seizures,” she says.
Experts say parents and caregivers should store their cannabis edibles in a children-proof canister and keep it in an area where young children can't easily get their hands on them.
Physicians are urging parents whose children have accidently ingested cannabis to be honest with the medical staff so they can quickly administer the proper treatment and avoid unnecessary invasive tests and procedures.