Experts: Mobile sports betting contributing to rise of problem gambling

Experts say problem gambling is on the rise with the arrival of mobile sports betting.
While gambling has been around in some shape or form for decades, it's recent growth, over even just the last year, has Venus Moore, of the Bronx Problem Gambling Resource Center, concerned.
"One of the issues that I see within the Bronx is that gambling is considered a social norm, so it's not seen as severe as substance misuse," Moore says.
Moore says its effects can be devastating, and now it's not just confined to a racetrack or casino.
"It's mobile, the accessibility, 24-hour access. When we look at social media and other cashless systems, we know that it can be addicted just by pressing a button," Moore explains.
Mobile sports betting has changed so much within gambling, by putting the ability to make a bet quite literally in the palm of users' hands. But when is it too much? And how can loved ones spot a growing addiction?
"If someone is lying about how much they're gambling, they're not being truthful, and it's not about the amount, so even if you have a loved one and you ask them, 'Hey, I notice you've been betting, how much are you spending?' It's not about $10, $5, it's about the deceit," Moore says.
Moore says often it's up to family and friends to get a problem gambler help.
"The person that is gambling, the fish can't see the fishbowl. They can really become addicted and not even know, they can fall into a trap. So usually what happens is a spouse, a mother, a loved one will call and ask for help," Moore says.
If you'd like more information on the Bronx Problem Gambling Resource Center resources, follow this link.