Families claim they got sick puppies from Shake A Paw stores

Some Long Island families are claiming Shake A Paw pet stores in Lynbrook and Hicksville sold them sick puppies. 
Michael Hughes, who purchased a puppy last week, says the dog is near-death.
“Immediately, we knew something was wrong,” says Hughes. He says the dog has pneumonia and may not survive.
“It's very upsetting and emotionally draining. We spent a lot of money on the dog. We called Shake A Paw and they basically said that it's your responsibility,” says Hughes.
News 12 met with other dog owners who say Shake A Paw stores sold them sick dogs that died, were returned or cost thousands in veterinarian bills.
Shake A Paw released a statement to News 12 that says it does “understand that a small percentage of the puppies that we sell may become ill and we have stood behind each and every one of those puppies.”
The statement goes on to say, “We treat all of the puppies as they are our own and we take great pride in the love and care they receive for the short time that they are with us. We are inspected regularly by both New York state and Nassau County agencies, as well as the American Kennel Club and the American Canine Association. In over 24 years, we have never received a single negative inspection and we have been held in the highest regard by those inspecting our stores.”
News 12 spoke with the Nassau County ASPCA, which said it receives complaints about almost every pet store on Long Island, including Shake A Paw. It says it is better to adopt then to shop for a dog.
The state attorney general is asking anyone who may have an issue with Shake A Paw to submit a complaint online.