Family, community members demand justice in deadly 2019 hammer attack in Sheepshead Bay

Family and community members are demanding justice in a brutal hammer attack that happened in 2019.
Authorities say 34-year-old Arthur Martunovich, of Brighton Beach, attacked three people of Asian descent with a hammer inside the Seaport Buffet in Sheepshead Bay.
He faced charges of first-degree murder, second-degree murder and second-degree murder as a hate crime. Since then, he has been receiving mental health treatment. 
He pleaded not guilty back in February of 2019. Prosecutors argued that surveillance video and other evidence in the case could lead to a conviction of life without parole. 
However, on Aug. 5, Assemblymember William Colton says a hearing in criminal court decided that Martunovich suffers from mental health conditions that don’t warrant being convicted of murder--rather that he should be transferred to undergo treatment. 
Family members who lost their loved ones say this is unacceptable. They held a three-hour meeting with the Brooklyn District Attorney on Monday to see what other options they may have. 
They are hoping he can be sent to a high-security institution and have a minimum stay before being considered for release. 
They say they also want to be informed before any decision is made so they can offer a response.