Family of man who died in correctional facility hires attorney to investigate

A Brooklyn woman is demanding answers in the death of her husband who was locked up at Greene Correctional Facility.
Anthony Myrie, 24, started serving a seven-year sentence at the facility in upstate New York after being convicted of attempted criminal sale of a controlled substance.
Myrie's wife Sade says she spoke to her husband around 11:30 a.m. Monday. She says he seemed more stressed than usual. Their last words to each other were "I love you."
In the past, Anthony told his wife that if he ever got put in solitary confinement to make sure and call the prison. Sade did, and within hours calls went from stating he was within the facility's general population, to critical condition, to dead.
Now, Sade is questioning what led to her husband's death.
The New York state Department of Corrections tells News 12 following an incident between Myrie and other inmates, he was pronounced dead at the prison's medical facility. The inmate's family believes there was foul play involved, claiming fellow inmates say the guards may have been involved in his death.
"As far as I see they trying to push something underneath the rug but it will come to a light," says Gloria Parker, Myrie's grandmother.
Myrie's family has hired an attorney to investigate exactly what happened.
"It was a lot of people reaching out to me telling me, texting me, telling me that it don't look good that he was beaten up bad, I didn't know what to believe. I still don't know what to believe. I just want the truth and the facts," says Sade Myrie.
The attorney, David J. Hernandez, says there is a lot of mixed information from the prison that he will have to decipher. The Department of Corrections could not comment further regarding the ongoing investigation.
Hernandez says Myrie was trying to breaking up a fight before he was taken to a hospital.
The family plans to have an independent autopsy Saturday after an initial autopsy was inconclusive.