Family: Stranger brutally attacks mother in Tremont

Family members of a mother of three say a man she doesn't know brutally attacked her Tuesday morning after she dropped her kids off at school.
Suhey Vargas says she was making her way back to her home in Tremont to get ready for work around 6 a.m. when she was attacked just outside her apartment.

Family members say the man got on top of Vargas and punched her in the face.

Her family, who provided pictures of her injuries, says she was admitted to Bronx Lebanon Hospital with a hematoma. They say surgery is not needed.

News 12 spoke with the building's landlord, who said they had no knowledge about the incident. EMS officials said they responded to a call at the scene for a person hit in the face.

The family also says two maintenance workers watched the incident as it occurred but did not intervene.

Police confirm they have opened an investigation and the search for the alleged attack has begun.