Fast food workers continue to rally for wage increase

Fast food workers gathered together across the city Tuesday morning to demand a fair wage increase and union rights.
In addition to fast food workers, home care and child care workers and other professionals are also participating in the protest in an effort to raise their wage to $15 an hour.
Organizers say they are pushing harder than ever because the presidential election is just a year away. Organizers say their campaign has garnered a lot of support from many of the Democratic candidates. Many say this is an issue they will keep in mind when casting their vote for the next president.
The issue also attracted the attention of Mayor Bill de Blasio, who says he has devoted his administration to fighting income inequality.
"Here's a chance, with the stroke of a pen, to help a lot of folks who are struggling -- to get them a better chance of getting to the middle class," says Mayor de Blasio.
Recently fast food workers in New York won the right to earn $15 an hour through Gov. Cuomo's wage board.
Organizers say their efforts will not stop today, and they plan on continuing to bring awareness to this issue until it is resolved.
Those opposed to the wage increase say it could be economically unstable and force job cuts.