FDNY offers tips to help keep the holidays fire free

For those who are planning to put up holiday decorations, the FDNY is offering some tips on how to have a safe, fire-free celebration.
Christmas trees and Hanukkah menorahs can become fire hazards if not handled properly.
"We always talk about the three Ps: Plan, Practice and Prevent," says retired Lt. Anthony Mancuso, director of the FDNY Fire Safety Education unit.
Mancuso says a common mistake that people made is leaving those holiday lights plugged in for a long time.
"Some people go to sleep with those holiday lights on, and we don't recommend that," says Mancuso.
Another safety tip for hanging LED lights around the house is using power strips instead of plugging them directly into the walls. Opt for battery-operated lights if you plan to leave them up for a long time
"If you have artificial decorations, it should have a marking on it that it's fire retardant," says Mancuso.
Mancuso also advises anyone getting a real tree to make sure it gets plenty of water. He says cut the bottom off, at least 2 inches, and put it in water.
Other holiday safety tips include using flameless candles, not overcrowding power strips and keeping Christmas trees away from heat sources.