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FDNY proposal looks to increase cost of ambulance rides to over $1,300

The cost of an ambulance ride would go from $900 to $1,385 in a proposal from the FDNY.

News 12 Staff

Feb 23, 2023, 12:16 PM

Updated 512 days ago


The FDNY is looking to increase the cost of an ambulance ride by more than 50%.
Under a proposal released this week, the cost of a normal ambulance ride through the 911 system would increase to $1,385, which is up from $900. The proposal would also increase the "charge per mile" for the trip to the hospital from $15 to $20.
"It's not like you can go out and get a discount ambulance service. You call 911 and it's whoever gets sent," said Community Service Society of New York Vice President of Health Initiatives Elisabeth Benjamin.
Under a city charter the department can make this ruling without analysis or say from city government.
"It seems patently unfair that the provider of an ambulance service, by which you can't even choose what ambulance services, can unilaterally increase its rates without any kind of checks and balances," added Benjamin.
The Community Service Society of New York (CSSNY) says health insurance plans regulated by New York would consider this a surprise bill so, the insured wouldn't have to pay.
The FDNY does have a charitable care policy which is for people without health insurance, but they acknowledged these increases are because of increases in EMS contracts and inflation.
The public will have a chance to voice their thoughts at an online hearing on March 24 at 11 a.m.

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