Federal funding allows for replacement of aging water lines in Bloomfield

Federal funding is helping Bloomfield replace aging lead water lines.
The funds are part of flexible funds in the American Rescue Plan.
Bloomfield was affected back in 2019 with high lead levels in its drinking water coming from the Newark water system.
Now the township will be able to utilize the funding to replace all lead service lines in Bloomfield within five years.
Sen. Robert Menendez spearheaded the effort.
"Replacing lead water lines as a matter of public health, of environmental safety, of racial and economic justice, and this challenge is not Bloomfield or Bellevue or Newark's alone. New Jersey is home to some of the oldest towns and cities in America, and many face the same challenges posed by leading, aging water lines and outdated sewer treatment plans. They too should consider using the rescue funds to invest safe and clean drinking water and other projects that improve public health and safety," Menendez said.
Homeowners will not have to pay for the pipe replacements as they will all be taken care of by the flexible funding.
Other parts of the American Rescue Plan funding will be used for vaccinations, first responders and infrastructure.
Lawmakers are hoping Bloomfield can act as a model for other communities in utilizing part of the flexible funds to address public health concerns like replacing lead water lines.