Few winners declared in Bronx primary election, several more to be counted

After a long day and night at the polls, who takes the lead for several races in the area is still up in the air as votes are still being counted.

News 12 Staff

Jun 23, 2021, 9:48 AM

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There is still no clear winner in the City Council 36th District primary, which is the seat held by Robert Cornegy Jr.
After a long day and night at the polls, the leads for several races in the area are still up in the air as votes are still being counted.
With the new ranked choice vote count system, it's likely there won't be a definite answer until June 29. One of the races closely being watched in the Bronx is for borough president. At this hour, Councilmember Vanessa Gibson is in the lead with 39.4%, and Councilmember Fernando Cabrera is trailing right behind her at 34.5%. However, neither of them hit the 50% needed to stop ranked choice voting from taking over. Despite not hitting that mark, Gibson is feeling positive.
"I look forward to working as the next Bronx borough president," says Gibson. "I am excited for our team. We have run a great campaign on our record, on our message, forward together Bronx. We stood on principals, and we have done the work."
The Board of Elections says over 20,000 Bronx voters took part in early voting with a total of nearly 192,000 early check-ins citywide.
Only a number of City Council races have been called, including District 13 where Marjorie Velazquez has been declared the victor. For District 17, that title has gone to Rafael Salamanca.
As far as the race for public advocate, Jumaane Williams defeated challengers Tony Herbert and Theo Tavarez.
This was the first time New Yorkers got a chance to use ranked choice voting.
News 12 says voters should expect to be waiting for the results for several races as votes are still being counted. Ranked choice voting data will be released by the NYC Board of Elections June 29.

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