Fitness Face-off Winner: Mr. America’s HIIT

Fitness Face-off Winner: Mr. America’s HIIT

We now know the Bronx’s favorite way to work out.
Taking the number one spot in our Fitness Face-off is high intensity interval training also known as HIIT
News 12 headed to Mr. America's Personal Training on East Tremont Avenue in Schuylerville to see why people say HIIT training is the best way to stay or get fit.
Gymgoers say they make the trip to this gym for its special HIIT classes, that are described as fast, intense workouts that push people to their limits. 

The gym's owner and former Mr. America himself, Butch Nieves, says there are nearly 35 classes a week. However, he warns for those who show up to come prepared.
"I think it's the best form of fitness. It really stimulates your body and challenges you; no challenge, no chance,” says Nieves.

Coach Gissania Roman says the workouts are always changing, but always challenging. She says everyone leaves with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. 

"Here you have other people going through the same thing as you, who want to work out or try something new and everyone understands that it's like a family,” says Roman.

The workouts include dumbbells, medicine balls and cardio. 

The classes aren't easy, but HIIT participants working this hard gets results fast and that's why they say it was ranked number one in News 12’s Fitness Face-off challenge.