Elevator repairs on hold at Fordham building

Tenants in a Fordham building are still waiting to use their building's elevator more than three months later.
Building management sent News 12 photos showing that the repairs are finished, however, there are issues with the emergency phone line. The management group says they have contacted Verizon about fixing the issue, but hadn't been able to get them on site.
Landlord Jaime Smith says until the line is fixed, the elevator cannot be used.
The elevator in the six-story Morris Avenue building has been out of commission since January. Lydia Cintron, 100, says it has greatly affected her ability to get outdoors.
"They can't bring me downstairs. Not even to go to the doctor or anything else because it's six floors going up and down," says Cintron.
The following day, Verizon released a statement on the issues, saying, "After learning today about the situation and its impact on residents, our team was able to quickly install a temporary solution to restore service. A permanent repair is set to be in place next week."