Fordham Plaza transportation hub opens

A new transportation hub has opened in the Bronx, and it's doing more than just getting residents from point A to point B.
Fordham Plaza provides a new space to be used simultaneously by cars, buses, trains and pedestrians.
"It will not be a place that will be inconvenient, instead this is going to be, and you can already see looking behind us, one of New York City's premiere plazas," says DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg.
The $34 million project was funded on the local, state and federal levels. The plaza spans 1.7 acres and, in addition to providing new space on the road, adds more public space, too.
"Having available space for people to be able to engage in physical activity, as well as social engagement is very important for people's health," says Mike Hernandez, from the Bronx Community Health Network.
Nearby commuters like Isabella Fante are already reaping the benefits.
"Before, there really wasn't anything here, it was just the bus station - The Bronx doesn't get enough love a lot of the time, so it'll be great to have more of a community feel to it," says Fante.
Officials say residents will also be able to enjoy a cafe and movable Times Square-style seating once the warm weather returns.