Fordham professor shows work at the Shed's 'Open Call' for artists

The Shed is back with another "Open Call" and giving local artists a chance to show their work. They are also providing artists $15,000 to chase their vision.
Artist Ayanna Dozier, who is also a Fordham professor, says she is reimagining what could have been through her work.
She uses film and photographs to show what it would be like if a man built a Black Coney Island on Hart Island. She calls her project, "Cities of the Dead."
"One of the ways in which going back to this history I found so many parallels in going through the records of Hart Island, looking at musical archives, and finding what I think is a blueprint to help us make sense of that grief that I think many us…are still delaying, or are just starting to experience as things reopen,” she says.
Adeze Wilford, the assistant curator at the Shed, says, “Right now, we're in our living room and we are having studio visits, and normally we are right next to the artists, but in June we'll be able to have them in the same place and talk to them and physically see their work, and it was something to look forward to so that was really important to us."
Admission to all Open Call performances and exhibits are entirely free. Visit The Shed’s website for the full schedule of events.