Fordham University could receive waterfront property for water teams from alumni

Fordham University might be getting waterfront property for their crew and sailing teams thanks to school alumni.
A group of Fordham alumni purchased land at the former Westchester Country Club Association Waterfront.
They plan on renovating the dock and turning it over to the university to use for the school's water sports.
Earlier this week, Community Board 10 held a hearing with the community and alumni representatives to discuss concerns over the plan.
Most people were in agreement with the plans, but others had some concerns, one being parking.
A Fordham rep assured though that all students from the university would be transported via so-called ‘ram vans’ to and from school. At the end of the meeting, all were for the plans.
Now the alumni buyers must seek a permit from the Board of Standards and Appeals to move forward with the proposal.
Reps from Fordham said, "Fordham is pleased by Community Board 10's unanimous vote to approve the special permit application…the university will be a good neighbor, and believes the intended improvements to the property will add to the appeal of the area, and local residents' property values."