Fordham workers strike for 3rd day, alleging unfair conditions and workloads

Graduate workers at Fordham University held a strike for a third straight day

Rob Taub

Apr 26, 2023, 9:36 PM

Updated 398 days ago


Graduate workers at Fordham University held a strike for a third straight day to send message to their bosses about what they call unfair working conditions and extreme workloads on low pay.
Workers told News 12 us they just want fair contracts, saying their union’s bargaining team has brought forward tons of contract proposals to raise workers’ pay, secure benefits, cut student fees and prohibit nondisclosure agreements amongst other items.
"The university says that we make tons of money more than we actually see and that's because they're including tuition money that they pay to themselves," said one worker.
"Whatever the number is the university says tuition is, its made up number its not what it costs them to do anything that tuition is a number they give to make our pay look more than what we actually see," added another worker.
Those attending the protest also emphasized pay is not the only thing that caused the strike, as international students have been hit the hardest with the schools graduate workers policies.
"Right now, we give them stipends for their part time teaching and research at the same rate that we would pay more experienced teachers who have their degrees," said Fordham University president Tania Tetlow. "So they earn from half time 9-month a year work, from 26k to 3k a year a full scholarship worth about 45k a year and they get health care stipends. This is something that is not feasible for the university."

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