Former student of Babylon Junior-Senior HS claims she was harassed by peers, ignored by principal

Another alumni of Babylon Union Free School District is coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment, this time by older students.
Katherine Crawford says her time at Babylon Junior-Senior High School was a living nightmare.
When she was 15, she claims she was harassed and cyberbullied by a group of 18-year-old students who sent her sexually explicit messages.
Crawford claims that when she went to the principal's office for help, she was blamed for her abusers' behavior.
"The principal would constantly tell me it was my fault," Crawford says. "I shouldn't look the way I do, I shouldn't dress the way I do. I'm a beautiful girl and this is what happens."
She says a teacher noticed she was being bullied and faced her in front of a mirror, put his hands on her shoulders and started playing with her hair. Crawford says the teacher did this while having her recite affirmations to herself like "I am beautiful, I am worthy."
Crawford wound up being homeschooled and graduated a year early to escape the district. She was inspired to tell her story after dozens of other alumni spoke out at a school board meeting earlier this week.
That school board meeting let to a student walk-out and five employees of the district being reassigned to home duty.
Crawford says more need to be done.
"I don't think the town and the community is being heard enough," Crawford says.
The district has not commented on these specific allegations, but earlier this week the superintendent wrote that the district is taking all of the allegations seriously.
A former school board president says she tried warning the superintendent about abuse in the district years ago.