Formula shortage: First batch of baby formula being flown to US from Switzerland

There are major developments in the baby formula crisis as officials say new shipments of baby formula are already on their way to the United States.  
The first shipments of baby formula will be about 1.5 million 8 ounce bottles that will arrive from Switzerland, as part of the Operation Fly Program, and it could arrive as soon as today.  
Also today, President Joe Biden is expected to sign the Access to Baby Formula act into law. The program will help parents who rely on WIC to buy any brand of formula they can find.  
The formula shortage is linked to a shutdown at an Abbott plant in Michigan, which disrupted the supply chain.  
Abbott is one of four companies controlling most of the United States market.  
Lawmakers in Washington want to know if the FDA dropped the ball and if this entire crisis could have been adverted.
It is not known if any of the formula being flown into the U.S. will make its way to Long Island. 
The FDA says once the Abbott plant is reopened, it will still take six to eight weeks for this formula to start showing up on our store shelves.