Free book boxes placed across borough to promote reading

A New York Public Library initiative is bringing free books to residents - and all one has to do is grab and go.
There are three book-filled red boxes across the borough packed with free books.
The goal of the initiative is to get a book in everyone’s hand when they are on the go.
"We hope people will grab books and create their own little library at home," says Herbert Norat, library information assistant
All one has to do is grab a book from the box and read it. Books can also be dropped off so someone else can grab a book on the go.
One of the boxes is outside Councilman Mark Gjonaj's office. Another box is located outside Assemblyman Marcos Crespo's office, and the third box is directly in front of the Department of Education office. 
The book boxes have only been in place for about three weeks, but there is already talks about it expanding.