Front-line workers at Stony Brook, Mount Sinai and more get first vaccine dose

More Long Island front-line workers got their first chance to get the COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday.
Four members of Mount Sinai South Nassau's staff got the first part of the vaccine on Tuesday.
Doctors at South Nassau say people should not be scared of the vaccine, saying there were no deaths among those vaccinated in clinical trials.
The first batch of vaccines also arrived at Stony Brook University Hospital Tuesday.
The first vaccinated was Kisa King, a resident in the Emergency Department, along with other workers with the highest risk of exposure. A total of 250 workers got their first dose.
King says she's "thankful to be part of the solution."
And a doctor at Northwell Plainview was vaccinated for a reason close to his heart.
Dr. Nicolas Hernandez says he got the shot in honor of patients he lost to COVID-19, which includes his grandfather. He died shortly after Hernandez himself recovered from the virus.