George Floyd statue restored after vandalism, to be moved to Union Square

The George Floyd statue that’s been displayed in Flatbush since June is set to be moved to Union Square.
The statue at the entrance to the Flatbush Avenue 2 and 5 train station was recently vandalized and restored. It will be displayed in Union Square in an exhibit centered around civil rights. 
Last week, the community held a farewell party for the statue with musical performances. Floyd’s brother Terrence Floyd was also present to talk about its importance in the city. 
The community says the statue sends a powerful reminder.
"It's important and significant that people be aware of George Floyd and the cost of bringing racial equality to America. We have not really made the strides we should be making, and this year has really helped us to realize that there's a lot more work that needs to be done,” a community member tells News 12. 
The statue will be placed alongside the statues of Breonna Taylor and John Lewis as part of the larger exhibit.