Sayville husband and wife rescue neighbor from burning vehicle on Southern State Parkway

A Sayville couple saved a woman from her burning minivan on the Southern State Parkway Wednesday evening.
Christine Ott and her husband Karl Ott, a former firefighter, were driving home from dinner when they saw the vehicle engulfed in flames after it crashed into a tree.
They quickly pulled over and sprang into action.
Another car also pulled over and the driver of that car had a baseball bat.
Karl Ott used the bat to break a window of the burning car.
"I leaned in to open her seatbelt and then when we turned her to get her out, someone else, I don't know where he's from, he grabbed the top of her head and I grabbed the bottom of her legs," Christine Ott says.
State police say Nancy Brady, 58, was driving east on the parkway near exit 35 when her vehicle veered off the roadway, struck a tree and caught fire.
Police, the West Babylon and East Farmingdale fire departments also responded to the incident.
"We got the original call as a vehicle fire with someone trapped," says Duane Welliver, East Farmingdale fire chief. "When we got on scene, passersby were able to get her out of the car before we got there, saving her from more injuries."
The woman involved in the collision and the Otts live five minutes from each other but didn't know each other.
Christine Ott says they are thankful that Brady is OK, and they were able to help her.
Madison Palumbo, one of the paramedics who responded to the accident, says it shows courage to walk up to a burning vehicle and pull somebody out.
The accident is under investigation.