Goodwill program helps NYCHA residents find employment

Millions of people across the country have lost their jobs due to the covid-19 pandemic, but Goodwill is helping people get back on their feet with a unique program, specifically for NYCHA residents.
The program, Goodwill Jobs-Plus, on Bruckner Boulevard is helping New York residents find employment thanks to the funding they receive from the revenue from their Goodwill stores.
Mayra Martinez, of the Bronx, says she was excited to start her new job at Yankee Stadium earlier this year, but that was put on hold because of the pandemic.
But thanks to the organization's help, she now does medical intake at a temporary field hospital at Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens.
She takes down sensitive information of patients before they get tested for COVID-19.
Her salary at Yankee Stadium was $15 an hour. Now she makes $30 an hour without having any prior experience.
"I was homeless for a while before this and now with help from Jobs-Plus, I had finally secured an apartment,” says Martinez. “I'm able to live a stable life and I'm just beyond grateful."
Staff members help with job applications, preparing for interviews, and professional appearance.
In the last year, Goodwill Jobs-Plus of New York and New Jersey provided services to over 26,000 people - making over 2,000 job placements, 800 of which were for people with disabilities.
"I’m very proud to be doing this work,” says Jennifer Tavis, the senior vice president of workforce development at Goodwill NJ. “And I think it's going to be so critical in the months ahead. I'm so happy to be working for an organization that really makes a difference in so many lives."
Although this program focuses on NYCHA residents, Goodwill has a number of programs for the greater community that also aid in job training and job placement.