Gov. Cuomo announces safety plan to add 500 officers to NYC transit system

The governor announced Monday that he will be adding an additional 500 officers to the New York City transit system.
The number of assaults on transit workers has increased over 15% in the past four years.
The move is also an effort to reduce fare evasion. The city says that lost fares have increased by $140 million over the past four years, with $243 million being lost in the last year alone.
The New York County district attorney will provide $40 million in order to enforce the additional officers, Cuomo says.
Once the plan is fully enforced, 200 NYPD officers will work on fair enforcement and 300 MTA police department officers will work to keep MTA workers safe.
The Legal Aid Society is not on board, saying the policy further criminalizes low income New Yorkers. "More officers patrolling subway stations and bus stops will deter our clients from meeting their court obligations and accessing employment, education or other critical services. This is simply wrongheaded and cruel policy," it said in a statement.

The plan will also add more surveillance cameras throughout the system.