Gov. Cuomo’s video testimony into sexual misconduct probe released by state AG

New material was released Monday in the sexual misconduct investigation against former Gov. Andrew Cuomo by the state attorney general's office.
Video of Cuomo's testimony was released, which showed him defiantly denying allegations against him and arguing with lawyers questioning him.
At one point in the interview, a lawyer asked the former governor if he remembers ever saying that one of the accusers looked lovely.
In response he said, "I don't remember saying that, no." He added. "But that is something I'm capable of saying to someone."
Cuomo also defined the term "girlfriend" to mean "a woman who was a friend who I did see romantically for a period of time."
New materials also showed one of Cuomo's top aide, Melissa DeRosa, addressing the accusations.
"You were saying these things to her, it was, I was like what were you thinking," DeRosa said at one point.
Transcripts of the testimony had been released to the public, but Monday is the first time people are able to see and hear from Cuomo and several of his key aides trying to defend the former governor against the harassment allegations.