Gov. Hochul backs NYC mandate as deadline arrives for city workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine

Gov. Kathy Hochul said Friday that she is standing behind Mayor bill de Blasio's mandate for all city workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine.
City workers – which include members of the FDNY, NYPD and sanitation - had to be vaccinated by 5 p.m. or they will be placed on unpaid leave come Monday morning.
"I'm willing to allow municipalities to institute the policies they believe are important. I'm here to be supportive. If they need our help, they notified us because we've offered," Hochul said.
She addressed the issue earlier today, saying she will provide support where she can ensure that the city agencies continue to stay up and running.
Hochul added that she believes the mandate will help more people get the COVID-19 vaccine. But many unions that represent these workers believe that there will be a huge staffing shortage, which could cause longer wait times for emergency crews and make for a dirtier New York City.
Despite that worry, both de Blasio and Hochul are pushing forward with the mandate.
"Our team has reached out to the mayor's administration as well as the different entities saying, 'If you need us, we're here.' We want to make sure that there is no services that are not there for the people of New York, if they're needed, but I think it's important to people get vaccinated, we encourage everyone to step up at this time. Let's just get it done," Hochul said.
Mandated city workers who get the vaccine at a city-run vaccine site before the deadline will receive a $500 incentive.