Gov. Hochul directs state agencies to launch information campaign on abortion rights

There's not much a New York lawmaker can do about the new law that effectively bans abortions in Texas, but that's not stopping Gov. Kathy Hochul from trying.
State leaders gathered in Central Park Monday to announce their opposition to the controversial Texas abortion law. Gov. Hochul was joined by Democratic leaders and women's rights advocates.
She says the state is working to help women in need, calling the Texas decision "a violation of basic rights."
The new Texas law makes any abortion after six weeks of pregnancy illegal in the state.
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand reacted to the news, and in response, Hochul says she's launching a public information campaign to make women in her state aware of their rights.
"You are denied the choice that should be yours as a woman and something we took for granted by Texas that thinks six weeks is the magic date that you should have been aware, you should know this. And that is grotesquely unfair what they're expecting," said Hochul.
"It is shocking. Shocking what they did in Texas. And Texas is just the first big idea that these conservative legislators have all throughout America," says Gillibrand.
Gov. Hochul says she is also working to update New York's regulations to allow doctors to prescribe medications that lead to abortion remotely using telemedicine.
The Texas law which prohibits women from getting abortions six weeks into pregnancy is now being challenged in federal court by the U.S. Justice Department.