Gov. Hochul signs legislation to help New York crack down on robocalls

New York is taking new steps to crack down on robocalls.
This summer, the Federal Communications Commission implemented a new strategy against spammers by requiring the mobile phone and landline companies to use technology called Stir/Shaken. The technology is supposed to reduce robocalls, which some Long Islanders are tired of getting.
"You should hear what I say to these people," says Hicksville resident Susan Minichello. "They're making me crazy."
Gov. Kathy Hochul signed two bills Monday that support Stir/Shaken and gives the state some law enforcement power against spammers.
In a statement, Gov. Hochul said: "This legislation will enable telecom companies to prevent these calls from coming in the first place, as well as empower our enforcement action can be taken against bad actors."
Technology expert Lance Unlanoff says the legislation will help by letting the state levy heavy fines against robocallers and ensure the phone companies follow the law.
"Stir/Shaken only goes so far and I think the state stepping in and doing a little bit of enforcement to maybe add an extra layer of technology if possible cannot hurt," Unlanoff says. "I'm not sure if it is the solution; we'll have to wait and see."
Farmingdale resident Verhan Khan notes that he has only noticed that the call comes up as "scam likely" but he still gets the call.
Experts say it will be known if the new law is helping if there are less spam calls.