Gov. Murphy: Recreational marijuana may not be for sale until 2022

Gov. Phil Murphy says that it could be the middle of next year before recreational marijuana is for sale in New Jersey. The governor made the comments on News 12’s “Ask Gov. Murphy” on Tuesday.
The state’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission was scheduled to open applications for marijuana businesses licenses this past weekend, but so far has not.
“We are on the threshold of the industry,” says Edmund DeVeaux, president of the New Jersey Cannabusiness Association. “This is the threshold. This is where we’re about to cross over into that great expanse that we call the adult-use market.”
But it is not known when the Cannabis Regulatory Commission will open applications.
“There’s actually a couple of ways of looking at it. Are they allowed to begin issuing requests for applications? Must they issue requests for applications?” DeVeaux says.
DeVeaux says that he is optimistic that legal, recreational cannabis will be for sale soon. But the governor is not as optimistic, saying that it may not happen until 2022.
“First or second quarter from a medical dispensary and then a little bit behind that from a standalone retail shop,” Murphy said. “I think there's a very good chance, assuming the medical dispensaries can prove that they've got enough supply for their patients, that they'll be probably able to participate in the adult use cannabis before there are actually retail establishments, independently set up, but this is coming.”
New York state legalized marijuana in July and is starting its own market expected to come online also in 2022.
“I think we’re going to remain in the lead and I think we’re going to do well,” DeVeaux says.
The next Cannabis Regulatory Commission meeting is expected to be on Tuesday, Oct. 5.