Group of parents, educators demand that NYC school mask mandate stay

A group of parents and education workers came together in Manhattan Wednesday to demand that school mask mandates stay in place.
Parents for Responsive, Equitable, Safe Schools organized the rally, which consisted of parents and those who work in education.
They gathered right outside the Tweed Courthouse where the New York City Department of Education is headquartered.
They chanted and even sang tunes as to why the mandates should stay. Some of those reasons included the pandemic not being over and how face coverings help to reduce transmissions.
Several of the demonstrators said they think lifting the mandate is a premature decision and will put children at risk for reinfections.
"We already saw that Omicron took no prisoner, even vaccinated, boosted individuals suffered from COVID. We're concerned about reinfections will affect our communities, we're concerned about our Black, Latino, and immigrant communities, who haven't had access to the vaccine," said Kaliris Salas, Press NYC committee member.
Numbers from the city Health Department show that around 55% of children are vaccinated, and that Wednesday was only that the state lifted the school mask mandate.
Earlier on Wednesday, New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks' office said it's likely the mask mandate will be lifted in classrooms Monday March 7, but a final decision from Mayor Eric Adams is expected Friday.
In addition, one of the guidelines from the state says that anyone can still be masked if they think it's the best decision for them.