Group pushes for papal Mass at Yankee Stadium

Despite months of efforts, a group says it has been unsuccessful in its push for Pope Francis to say Mass in the Bronx during his visit to New York.
But that hasn't deterred the members of the 161st Street Business Improvement District from continuing to try to get the pope to say Mass at Yankee Stadium.
"We're very hopeful that Francis, who is on his way to New York, will take time to come through the Bronx and say hello to Bronxites and allow them to greet him with '¡Viva El Papa!'" says Dr. Cary Goodman, a member of the BID.
Three popes celebrated Mass at the old Yankee Stadium, most recently being Pope Benedict XVI in 2008. No pope has ever visited the new ballpark.
Pope Francis will visit Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and several locations in Manhattan, including the 9/11 Memorial and St. Patrick's Cathedral.
"These are marvelous places for him to go and to share his calling and mission, and other popes have done that as well, but they've also all come to the Bronx," Goodman says.
Yankees fans have their own motivation in supporting the invitation.
"Maybe we can use the blessings so we can get that 28th championship," says Charlie Powell.