Health care company opens COVID-19 walk-in vaccination site in Parkchester

A health care company is making it easier for Parkchester residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine.
VIP Star Network partnered with Starling Diagnostics to open the new vaccination site in the community. No appointment is needed as it is a walk-in vaccination site.
"People are starting seeing the city's going back up. It's getting busy, people are getting back in the office Most people, word-of-mouth is so powerful, that if they received a vaccine and have had very little side effects that they feel comfortable telling their friends and family to go receive the vaccine as well," said VIP Star Network CEO Johonniuss Chemweno.
Chemweno said they've been working with the state to help people get comfortable with taking the vaccine, including the Johnson & Johnson shot.
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"Most people have had either some type of hesitancy because of the negative press with the Johnson & Johnson information of blood clots, but as we start seeing a little bit more safe and efficacious vaccines that have had a big impact with people across the boroughs, we're starting to see more and more people started to feel comfortable," he said.
Those who were waiting to get their shot that came across this new location decided to get the vaccine, which is something that Chemweno is seeing more often.
"This gentleman right here that's just received the vaccine, he's from Uber Eats and he was just like, 'hey, I would like to get the vaccine if it's free, if it's easy and it's safe,'" Chemweno pointed out.
Chemweno added that VIP Star Network will set up different pop-ups all across the city.