'Hiding in plain sight': Long-lost baroque painting found in New Rochelle church

A priceless, long-lost baroque painting was found in a church in New Rochelle.
The piece first caught the eye of Iona College art professor Tom Ruggio when he was meditating one day at Church of the Holy Family.
He immediately knew it was a valuable 17th century Italian work.
After doing some research, Ruggio discovered it was created by Florentine artist Cesare Dandini.
Art historians had been searching for it for about 50 years.
"This painting was thought to be lost for decades, so it was hiding in plain sight essentially in New Rochelle," says Ruggio.
The painting depicts the Holy Family.
It will be on display at the Ryan Library at Iona College for three months and then returned to the church.
There is no word yet on how it ended up in New Rochelle.