Highschool Spotlight: Cardinal Spellman's senior soccer player Liroye Biyo

One Cardinal Spellman senior soccer player is trying to make up for lost time after a lost season due to the COVID shutdown of high school sports.
Immediately upon glancing at the soccer field, you notice Liroye Biyo. The physical and vocal leader on Spellman's back line, Biyo has worked on developing all aspects of his game.
It was his talent and power that led to a goal made from nearly 35 yards out at Mount Saint Michael. Biyo's kicking prowess gained attention around the school, and soon enough he was recruited to be the placekicker on the football team. Once coaches realized how big and fast he was, they put him in at linebacker, which led to a game-winning 98-yard touchdown return against Mount St. Michael.
Biyo also plays volleyball at Spellman, but now his focus is on the CHSAA soccer semifinal against McClancy.