Hindu community keeps Bronx priest's memory alive through teachings

A Hindu priest left his legacy on the Bronx community through his teachings.

The late Pandit Vishnu Sukul is described as a man who was accepting of everyone and always left his door open by those close to him.

The Hindu community at Vishnu Mandir say they keep his memory alive with his teachings and photographs. Sukul's son, Vyaas Sukul, has taken over as officiating priest.

"I'll continue the best I can," Vyaas Sukul said. "It won't be the same, but I'll try to do what he taught me."

His daughter, Bharati Kemraj, says she opens the doors of the Mandir and plans to keep them open for years to come to keep her father's legacy alive.

Pandit Vishnu Sukul won numerous awards for his work. His family believes that his spirit continues to live on.