Holiday flyers hopeful that vaccine mandate for TSA won't cause travel trouble

Thanksgiving travelers are hoping that the vaccine mandate for federal employees will not cause them to be late to their turkey dinners.
The federal mandate applies to employees with the Transportation Security Administration, causing some Long Islanders to worry about a staffing shortage during their holiday travel.
"My concern is getting stuck in an airport because I have to change planes," says Smithtown resident Angela. "Otherwise, I'm good to go."
Robert Schneider, deputy commissioner of Aviation at MacArthur Airport, says they have been assured by the Department of Homeland Security that there is sufficient staffing.
He says travelers should expect it to take about 15 to 20 minutes to get through security at the airport, but that it could take longer if they are traveling to other airports.
Despite the hassle, he says seeing people return to see their loved ones is a reason to give thanks.
"It's nice to start seeing people returning to their lives and their normal travel," Schneider says. "So, it's encouraging for all of us."