Holland Avenue tenants: No hot water, heat since September with Thanksgiving approaching

Some residents in Allerton are worried that they’ll be without a Thanksgiving meal due to the hot water, heat and gas being off since late September. 
A gas leak back in September has left tenants on Holland Avenue worried. Eladio Carrasquillo says he has lived in the apartment building for three years. 
He says he loves his apartment and has never had any issues until now. He says he’s been forced to use hot plates to cook and a space heater to stay warm, which he says is extra challenging because he has a disability. 
Building management says the gas was initially cut off by Con Edison to fix a gas leak, but now they say their hands are tied until Con Edison turns the gas back on. 
News 12 spoke to Con Edison who says the Department of Buildings has to submit authorization that it’s safe to cut the gas back on. 
Carrasquillo says he’s suffering. “First a month passed, and I was trying to be understanding because I do love my building. But it’s becoming too much,” said Carrasquillo. 
When News 12 spoke to the building management, they said they were doing everything they can to get the gas back on and accommodate tenants. 
Carrasquillo says all he wants is to be able to cook himself a meal this Thanksgiving. 
News 12 also reached out to the Department of Buildings to see what’s causing the delay and has not heard back yet.