Hope on the horizon: New breast cancer drug shown to slow tumor progression

A promising new breast cancer drug has medical experts excited.
The drug called Enhertu is made by AstraZeneca and is an antibody-chemotherapy combo given by IV.
It finds and blocks the HER-2 protein in cancer cells.
The research on the drug was conducted at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in Manhattan and was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
A hospital spokesperson says some study participants could be from Long Island.
Those at the New York State Breast Cancer Hotline at Adelphi University says it's not a cure, but it could bring a lot of hope.
"This innovative research can certainly change the course of treatment for those who are facing metastatic breast cancer in certain situations," says Angela Papalia. "Anytime incredible finding in research such as this are made and known to the public, it's so important to be hopeful for the future of what's to come. This could be a new beginning for so many."