How can workers transition from remote work? This is what a career expert has to say

News 12’s Elizabeth Hashagen was joined this morning by career expert and best-selling author Lindsey Pollak to talk about the improving job market, the future of remote work and people looking to change careers.
Many parents worked at businesses that are no longer open, and available jobs sometimes only offer late shifts. This causes particular issues for those that have children and don’t have someone who can care for them. Pollak explains some of the solutions:
Some people found new interests during quarantine and wanted to get into a new career field. A lot of the jobs in new fields are seeking those who already have experience in that field. Pollak offers some advice for those looking to get into a new kind of job:
Working remotely has helped some spend more time with their family. This has allowed some parents to spend time with their children. Pollak discusses if returning to the office can change this: