How to spot counterfeit toys and scams this holiday season

This holiday season, many parents will do everything they can to get their hands on the toys on their children's wish lists. As a warning to those parents, beware of bogus websites and counterfeit toys.
With supply chain issues and shortages expected, people may be turning online more and coming across sites they haven't shopped before. Before you click 'buy,' News 12 talked with the Toy Association about the dangers of counterfeit toys this holiday season.
"There's a variety of hazards that can come along with buying a counterfeit product," says Jennifer Gibbons, senior VP at the Toy Association.
She says legitimate products undergo over 100 different safety tests before they are allowed to be sold to consumers.
"Through the sale of products from third party sellers on online marketplaces, not all of these products are meeting those safety testing and standards. So, things like small parts can be an issue there can be choking hazards if products break easily."
Due to the toy shortage this year, they are encouraging families to get out there and shop early for any specific toys you are looking for.
"We anticipate due to that shortage and more consumers going online to shop and potentially shopping, purchasing through online retailers that they are not as familiar with, that does provide this new opportunity for counterfeiters," she adds.
So, the Toy Association has some tricks on how you can spot counterfeit toys.
"You can go to the brand's website and make sure that the number of pieces, the colors, all the descriptions match up to what the manufacture's website says. Other tips would include if there were grammatical errors, if there is bad photoshop and then looking at customers reviews."