Dangerous heat set to impact the Bronx starting Tuesday

Hundreds rally for human justice during walk from Brooklyn to Long Island City

Grassroots organizations and concerned New Yorkers walked from Brooklyn to Long Island City to raise awareness for ongoing systemic inequalities.

News 12 Staff

Oct 10, 2022, 9:32 PM

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Dozens of grassroots organizations and hundreds of concerned New Yorkers gathered for a 14-mile walk on Monday to call for changes to systemic disparities that they are disproportionately effect people of color.  
The walk is held annually by the human justice organization Community Capacity Development, who brought together advocates, activists, and local officials.  
“Human justice is about believing in people,” said K. Bain, founder and executive director of Community Capacity Development. “There’s an equation for human justice, it says human rights plus human development equals human justice.” 
They marched from Brooklyn to the Queensbridge Houses in Long Island City to raise awareness of ongoing social and economic issues in historically under-served communities.  
Public Advocate Jumaane Williams said the walk is meant to help communities that suffer from the highest COVID-19 infection rates, death, absenteeism, homelessness, and violence.

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